Friday, July 30, 2004

Jeyo Companion - A SIM Manager Solution + More
Cyber Man SmartPhone

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Motorola Motorola MPx220 at motorola's website is again!
Testbericht: iPAQ 6340 - The World of i/The World of PPC
PDArcade new game - also for ms smartphone
cheaper 3G at Vodafone - but still no flat rate
Kai's MP3 Alarm Professional on :: Smartphone.net :: - alarm clock for ms smartphone with mp3 files support. cute.
Draw - Smartphone Edition on :: Smartphone.net :: - new program
HP Press Release: T-Mobile USA and HP Launch the First Truly Integrated Wireless iPAQ Handheld: offcial announcement
Metro: "The ultimate public transport guide"
The ultimate public transport guide
Acer becomes the number one notebook PC brand in W. Europe - Acer is my favorite brand for notebooks! (tablet pc)
MySmartphone Butikken | CafePress: "MySmartphone Butikken" - branding of the web mysmartphone.no website!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Smartphone Thoughts - Daily news, views, rants and raves
Pocket PC Thoughts :: View topic - Flash Animation On The iPAQ hx4700 Touchpad
www.mobilejoe.de :: Thema anzeigen - PIE - Smartphone goes Smart Browser
smartphone-web - iSilio Dokumentenviewer jetzt als Smartphone Beta
Motorola announce MPx220, other gadgets
HP rolls out Wi-Fi PDA phone | The Register

Monday, May 10, 2004

I was just reading one of the funniest stories about cell phones - it is here (in German) so I translate it here partially:

A Norwegian guy jumps to the river to rescue a cell phone

Newspaper "Adresseavisen" from city of Trondheim in Norway reports that young man was walking down the bridge, when he noticed that a cellphone of some guy slipped down to the river "Nidelva". Despite strong protests from the owner the young man jumped to the river in attempt to save this cellphone! The river was very cold and the current in the river was strong.

In the end the young man couldn't save the cellphone but he had to be rescued himself by fire service and police. The police officer said "He really has given everything" [to save this cellphone].

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Just announced: in last year NTT DoCoMo - cellular network operator from Japan - achieved profit of over 4 billion Euro! NTT DoCoMo is known from forcing handset manufacturers to brand their handsets/celllphones with logo of NTT DoCoMo on the front.

Simarly Vodafone is doing.

So operators should demand from manufacturers to put their logo in the front and to hide (or not show at all) their own logo. Sounds familiar?
O2 cellular operator is great! after somebody calls me and we talk longer on the cellphone, then O2 credits my account with 0.5 EURO to reward me for incoming calls! I am happy that I dumped T-Mobile and Vodafone...
damn it, most fiction ebooks are available in MS READER format, but not in mobipocket reader format!!! (so I can't read them in my MS Smartphone) It is very very very bad that Microsoft has not ported MS READER to MS smartphone... it is soooooooooo bad.
after reflashing ROM of my e200 (MS Smartphone) I have noticed that only application that allows for text entry is "todo list" - and I again need to install the free notepad application in the smartphone to get any text entry working...

Saturday, May 08, 2004

wow ! Vodafone is selling - from this week - a real 3G (they call it "UMTS") phone - Samsung Z105! Real VIDEOTELEPHONY at last is available in cellphones in EU!
cellular operators here in EU are getting marketing crazy about UEFA Euro 2004 - football championships of Europe - loads off promotions... and SMS/MMS notifications to cellphones!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Sharp TM 100 is on sale at T-Mobile in EU (see for example here). It has keypad that retracts from underneath the display. OK, it looks quite nice but it has old-technology only-VGA-resolution (640x480) camera so I don't share enthusiasm regarding this cellphone. It must be 1 megapixel at least nowadays for cellphone to be worthwhile...
Do you remember that song about Kung-fu fighting? It goes like this:

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

Nowadays we can travesty it this way:

Everybody is blogging
These bloggers are fast as lightning
In fact it is a little bit frightning
But they blog with expert timing

Wondering what kind of ebooks I read on my smartphone? Here is the one I am reading today. My smartphone thanks to mobipocket reader and to single handed usage (so with one hand I eat my gyros and with other hand I read an ebook) is super super super good for reading ebooks, no doubt about it!
wow! now after a couple of days have passed after upgrading its ROM the battery life in my e200 celllphone is like 200% of what it was before! it´s a different better phone now!

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